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Silom Road is always crowded with locals and foreigner as it has always been
a significant business center in the heart of Bangkok for many years. Opposite Wat Khaek Temple on Silom Road, a “panya-style” building (unique house
design with a square-shaped wooden roof in southern Thai style) stands in majestic splendor, as it has for many long years, as part of a cultural heritage inherited form ancestors and very meaningful to Khun Prapatsorn Aksornramat.
Silom Village” The last village Thai tradition old style on Silom road owned by my father, Mr. Cheaw chong Pre, These houses were constructed in the reign of King Chulalongkorn (Rama V) in 1908. Apart from this front building, a row of some 10 other teak houses lay in a 5-rais compound (about 2 acres). The building use to be home for Aksornramat family and children which lived in some of those teak houses and others were rented at 15 Baht per month/house.
In 1978, with the ides of involving of Aksornramat family in a join business venture. The houses then arranged a connecting way by building the connecting bridge to the remaining house together and set up an ancient-house for trading center known as
“Silom Village Trade Center” on November 29, 1980, to sell souvenirs and Thai art souvenirs, together with a Thai food and seafood restaurant. In addition, we demonstrated how to prepare traditional Thai desserts such as, khanom bueng yuan.
Khao krib pakmaw. Khanom krok, and Thong yip as well as the art of fruit carving.
Silom Village. Today is a majestic jewel on Silom Road. Steadfastly and successfully maintaining its traditional Thai identity. Promoting the charm and elegance of Thai culture to the world community. On refection the decision to preserve the ancient teak houses and incorporate them into a charming example of ancient Thai architecture housing a living business over the past 30 years that promotes the best of the best Thai culture, music, art and quality authentic Thai cuisine.
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